Eat with us

  • Breakfast € 5.00 per person
  • Half board treatment (breakfast + 1 meal) + € 25 per person
  • Full board + € 40 per person
  • Meals for guests by reservation € 25/35

The kitchen

For guests, both for lunch and dinner, possibility to eat in the farmhouse. Our kitchen offers traditional Umbrian and Tuscan dishes. The menu includes: bread and focaccia from our oven, handmade egg pasta, healthy products from our garden, poultry of our own production, sausages and seasoned pork produced by local butchers, gravy meats, steaks and cut of Chianina veal dop. All seasoned with extra virgin olive oil of our production and accompanied by good white and red wine.

Tasty menus

Equipment for events, dinners


The great room and the green room. The property has two dining rooms, the main one is more spacious and a second smaller and more intimate one. The main room overlooks the splendid park. It has exposed stone walls, wooden beams on the ceiling and terracotta floors. The choice of the tableware was made following the local tradition, then linen tablecloths woven by local artisans and hand-made ceramic plates. All this makes this room welcoming and cared for. The green room, on the other hand, is smaller and more intimate. It is located in a private setting, with a light green tint on the walls, ceiling beams and terracotta tiles on the floor. The presence of a large fireplace makes it perfect for winter evenings.

Salon and Cellar

Salon and Cellar In what were once the cellars, splendid rooms have been created. The attention with which the owners have restructured the spaces, cleaned the stones and the floors, without neglecting any detail, have made these rooms well-kept and welcoming. Even the furniture chosen reflects a typical style of our area. They are available to guests as a relaxation or reading room and also for meetings and reunions.